What is Galileo?

Galileo is the leading Generative AI Evaluation & Observability Stack for the Enterprise.

Large Language Models are unlocking unprecedented possibilities. But going from a flashy demo to a production-ready app isnโ€™t easy. You need to:

  • Rapidly iterate across complex prompts, numerous models, context data, embedding model params, vector stores, chunking strategies, chain nodes and more -- getting to the right 'GenAI System' for your use case needs experimentation.

  • Carefully keep harmful responses away from your users, while keeping harmful users from attacking your GenAI systems.

  • Monitor live traffic to your GenAI application, identify vulnerabilities, debug and re-launch.

Galileo GenAI Studio is the all-in-one evaluation and observability stack that provides all of the above.

Most significantly -- you cannot evaluate what you cannot measure -- Galileo Research has constantly pushed the envelope with our proprietary research backed Guardrail Metrics for best in class:

  • Hallucination detection (see our published Hallucination Index) ,

  • Security threat vector identification,

  • Data privacy protection,

  • Auto-prompt optimizations,

  • and much more...

The GenAI Studio is composed of 3 modules. Each module is powered by the centralized Galileo Guardrail Store.

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