Chunk Relevance Luna

Understand Galileo's Chunk Relevance Luna Metric

Definition: For each chunk retrieved in a RAG pipeline, Chunk Relevance detects the sections of the text that contain useful information to address the query.

Relevant sections are highlighted in chunks.

Calculation: Chunk Relevance Luna is computed using a fine-tuned in-house Galileo evaluation model. The model is a transformer-based encoder that is trained to identify the relevant and utilized information in the provided a query, context, and response. The same model is used to compute Chunk Adherence, Chunk Completeness, Chunk Attribution, and Utilization, and a single inference call is used to compute all the Luna metrics at once. The model is trained on carefully curated RAG datasets and optimized to closely align with the RAG Plus metrics.

For each token in the provided context, the model outputs a relevance probability, i.e the probability that this token is useful for answering the query.

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