Private Identifiable Information

Understand Galileo's PII Metric

Definition: Identify PII spans within a sample (both input and output). The current model detects the following precisely defined categories:

  • Account Information: account numbers, BIC and IBAN.

  • Address: must contain at least a street name and number, and may contain extra elements such as city, zip code, state, etc.

  • Credit Card: credit card number, CVV and expiration date.

  • Date of Birth: must contain a day, month and year.

  • Email.

  • Name: must contain first and last name (and optionally middle name).

  • Network Information: IPv4, IPv6 and MAC addresses.

  • Personal Identification: personal IDs not included in other categories. In particular: PIN, IMEI, VIN, VRM, Driver license.

  • Password.

  • Phone Number.

  • Social Security Number (SSN).

  • Username.

Calculation: We leverage a Small Language Model (SML) trained on proprietary datasets.

Usefulness: Automatically identify PII occurrences in any part of the workflow (user input, chains, model output, etc), and respond accordingly by implementing guardrails or other preventative measures.

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