Mission critical applications require LLM monitoring to ensure optimal performance, cost-efficiency, and compliance with SLAs, while gaining insights into user interactions and maintaining the quality of generated outputs in real-time.
Galileo's LLM Monitor helps you monitor your LLM Apps in production.

Core features

Real-time Monitoring
Keep a close watch on your Large Language Model (LLM) applications in production. Monitor the performance, behavior, and health of your applications in real time. Monitor SLA compliance and receive alerts for any deviations.
Cost Tracking
Gain insights into the costs associated with running your LLM applications. Track usage patterns and resource consumption to optimize costs.
Guardrail Metrics
Evaluate the quality of generated outputs from your LLM applications. Measure and analyze the relevance, coherence, and accuracy of responses.
Request Analysis
View and analyze incoming requests to your applications. Understand traffic patterns, user interactions, and usage trends.
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    Table View - Visualize monitoring data in a tabular format for easy analysis.
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Insights and Alerts
Receive actionable insights and alerts based on monitoring data. Stay informed about potential issues, anomalies, or improvements that require attention.
Data Export and Integration
Export monitoring data for further analysis or reporting. Integrate monitoring insights with other tools and platforms for a holistic view.