Errors When Computing Metrics

Your metrics are failing and you're not sure why? Below are a few reasons some of your metrics might fail and what you can do about them:

Hovering over the "Error" or "Failure" pill will open a tooltip explaining what's gone wrong.

Missing Integration Errors

Uncertainty, Perplexity, Context Adherence Plus, Completeness Plus, Attribution Plus, and Chunk Utilization Plus metrics rely on integrations with OpenAI models (through OpenAI or Azure). If you see this error, you need to set up your OpenAI or Azure Integration with valid credentials.

If you're using Azure, you must ensure you have access to the right model(s) for the metrics you want to calculate. See the requirements under Galileo Guardrail Store.

For Observe, the credentials of the project creator will be used for metric computation. Ask them to add the integration on their account.

No Access To The Required Models

Similar to the error above, this likely means that your Integration does not have access to the required models. Check out the model requirements for your metrics under Galileo Guardrail Store and ask your Azure/OpenAI admin to add the necessary models before retrying again.


Galileo does not enforce any rate limits. However, some of our metrics rely on OpenAI models and thus are limited to their rate limits. If you see this occurring often, you might want to try and increase the rate limits on your organization in OpenAI. Alternatively, we recommend using different keys or organizations for different projects, or for your production and pre-production traffic.

Unable to parse JSON response

Context Adherence Plus, Completeness Plus, Attribution Plus, and Chunk Utilization Plus use Chainpoll to calculate metric values. Chainpoll metrics call on OpenAI for a part of their calculation and require OpenAI responses to be in a valid JSON format. When you see this message, it means that the response that OpenAI sent back was not in valid JSON. Retrying might solve this problem.

Context Length exceeded

This error will happen if your prompt (or prompt + response for some metrics) exceeds the supported context window of the underlying models. Reach out to Galileo if you run into this error, and we can work with you to build ways around it.

Error executing your custom metric

If you're seeing this, it means your custom or registered metric did not execute correctly. The stack trace is shown to help you debug what went wrong.

Missing Embeddings

Context and Query Embeddings are required to compute Context Relevance. If you're seeing this error, it means you didn't log your embeddings correctly. Check out the instructions for how to log them here.

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