Taking Action

Once you've identified issues in your data, Galileo empowers you to take action on them. Galileo supports the following actions:

  • Find Similar - Need to add more "similar" samples to your dataset? Find similar helps you find samples from other splits or from unlabeled datasets.

  • Export - Download the selected samples as a CSV file, to S3/GCS, or programmatically.

  • Removing Samples - Remove samples from your dataset. This is useful if you've found garbage samples or are looking to reduce your dataset size.

  • Editing Samples - Edit the Target (Expected Output) of your sample. Use this if you've found an error in your Target.

  • Send to Annotators - Do you use a labeling tool to manage your annotation work? Send to Annotators leverages our labeling integrations to hook into your annotation tool. Send your samples to your annotators for relabeling.

Edits Cart

The Edits Cart serves as the single place to track all your changes. From here you can track who's done what changes, review their work, and download "clean" versions of your dataset.


Once you're satisfied with the changes you've made to your dataset. You can export the "clean" dataset, and retrain your model to see your model improvements.

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