Programmatically fetching logged data

If you want to fetch your logged data and metrics programmatically, you can do so via our Typescript and Python clients or via our REST APIs:

First, npm install @rungalileo/observe

Then add the following to your project:

import { ApiClient } from "@rungalileo/observe";
const apiClient = new ApiClient();
await apiClient.init("YOUR_PROJECT_NAME");

You can use this with getLoggedData to retrieve the raw data.

// Optional
const filters = [{ col_name: "model", operator: "eq", value: "gpt-3.5-turbo" }];

// Optional
const sort_spec = [{ col_name: "created_at", sort_dir: "asc" }];

const rows = await apiClient.getLoggedData(
  "2024-03-11T16:15:28.294Z", // ISO start_time string with timezone
  "2024-03-12T16:15:28.294Z", // ISO end_time string with timezone
  filters, // (optional) See above for an example.
  sort_spec, // (optional) See above for an example
  limit // a number of items to return

You can use getMetrics to get corresponding metrics.

const metrics = await apiClient.getMetrics(

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