Core Dependencies

  • Kubernetes Cluster: Galileo is deployed within a Kubernetes environment, leveraging various Kubernetes resources.

Data Stores

  • PostgreSQL: Used for persistent data storage.

  • MinIO: Serves as the object storage solution (if not using AWS S3 or GCP Cloud Storage).


  • RabbitMQ: Acts as the message broker for asynchronous communication.

Monitoring and Logging

  • Prometheus: For metrics collection and monitoring. This will also send metrics to Galileo's centralized Grafana server for observability.

  • Prometheus Adapter: This component is crucial for enabling Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) to use Prometheus metrics for scaling applications. It must be activated through the .Values.prometheus_adapter.enabled Helm configuration. Care should be taken to avoid conflicts with existing services, such as the metrics-server, potentially requiring resource renaming for seamless integration.

  • Grafana: For visualizing metrics. Optional, as users might not require metric visualization.

  • Fluentd: For logging and forwarding to AWS CloudWatch. Optional, depending on the logging and log forwarding requirements.

  • Alertmanager: Manages alerts for the monitoring system. Optional, if no alerting is needed or a different alerting mechanism is in place.

Ensure that the corresponding Helm values (prometheus_adapter.enabled, fluentd.enabled, alertmanager.enabled) are configured according to your deployment needs.


  • Ingress NGINX: Manages external access to the services.

  • Calico: Provides network policies.

  • Cert-Manager: Handles certificate management.

Configuration and Management

  • Helm: Galileo leverages Helm for package management and deployment. Ensure Helm is configured correctly to deploy the charts listed above.


  • Cluster Autoscaler: Automatically adjusts the size of the Kubernetes cluster.

  • Kube-State-Metrics: Generates metrics about the state of Kubernetes objects.

  • Metrics Server: Aggregates resource usage data.

  • Node Exporter: Collects metrics from the nodes.

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