Security & Access Control

This page covers networking, security and access control provisions that Galileo deployments enable

Networking / Firewalls

Air-Gapped Deployments

Galileo offers fully air-gapped deployments where the entire cluster can be hosted to function fully within the enterprise networks / VPC.

Configurable Ingress / Egress

Galileo's endpoints and load-balancers are customizable at deployment time to manage all combinations of restricted Ingress / Egress to internal / external environment

Single Sign on

Galileo provides Single Sign-on capabilities for Google accounts using the OAuth protocol.
Additional SSO providers can be added on-demand as per customer requirements.

Access Control

Galileo deployments have a default settings of having all projects and runs private (only visible to the user who creates them), with invite-only sharing turned on by default.
Galileo also has 2 default roles: Admin & User. Admins have the ability to grant / revoke user access
Galileo provides configurable access-control mechanisms (Role-based access) for enterprises / teams with custom access requirements.